Jodi grew up in Northern Alberta, and moved to Chilliwack in 2005, where her family originated. After marrying in 2006, Jodi and her husband have since become proud parents of three beautiful children. Prior to becoming a busy mother of three, Jodi worked as a Dental Assistant in both Richmond, BC, and most recently in Chilliwack, BC. In addition to managing her household, Jodi also works at a local elementary school monitoring the school grounds, both at lunch and after school, and is on the PAC. Jodi also dedicates several hours per week to film/media editing and marketing for local Realtors.

Despite the number of hats she wears, Jodi still ensures she dedicates time each day for engaging with her friends and having fun in the community attending movies, going to the local pool, attending community events, shopping, as well as spinning. Jodi appreciates every social interaction, and will lend a compassionate ear whenever needed.