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| With a Focus on a Respectful and Culturally Safe Approach |

With a long history of respectful partnerships with local First Nation communities, Rebalance Rehab has developed specialized, community-driven health and wellness initiatives for First Nations community members.

We also believe in providing access to individual physical rehabilitation services and have helped develop programs that make that possible for many community members, including those living in remote areas.

Our programs and educational sessions focus on encouraging movement, youth involvement, and promoting health and wellness, not just for indigenous youth but also for young moms and elders.

With a focus on a respectful and culturally safe approach, all our team members who work in partnership with First Nation communities have completed the San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety course.


We also believe strongly in collaboration, especially with existing community healthcare members, and will work in conjunction with care teams such as nurses, nutritionists, physicians, and specialists to develop holistic rehabilitation programs that take all of the client’s specific needs and conditions into consideration.

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Individual Rehab & Wellness

If a more personalized approach is required, we also provide individual health and wellness support for adult members of First Nation communities.

These community-driven programs are designed to support healthy aging and focus on ages ranging from young adults to elders. Participants learn about healthy lifestyles and are taught how to maintain or improve their daily functioning through physical training.

Our team of kinesiologists will oversee all individual sessions. They conduct an initial assessment, which includes a review of the participant’s goals. Then, they work toward those goals by developing a plan of action that will guide the participants efforts.

Whatever your goal may be, our skilled kinesiologists can help. They have been extensively trained in:

  • functional strength training

  • Functional reactivation programs

  • general conditioning exercises

  • pre/post-natal exercise

  • sport-specific training

  • Injury recovery-based therapy

A registered physiotherapist also works in conjunction with the kinesiologist to provide additional support as needed.

Our mobile services make it possible to offer many in-community care options, individual rehabilitation sessions for those with mobility restrictions, or post-hospital discharge support, which can include helpful services such as a home environment analysis, functional assessments, or support in obtaining mobility equipment.

Active Movement
Group Classes

Our team is passionate about health and wellness, and we encourage healthy lifestyles through our community recreational center programs that include Heart Health, our Keep Fit and Get Fit group fitness programs, and our senior-focused groups that specialize in memory, balance, strength, and endurance.

All of our programs are designed and overseen by a registered kinesiologist. We can also create a customized group fitness class, if you would like something more tailored to individual participants

Health & Wellness Education Series

Rebalance Rehab also offers monthly educational series on various health and wellness topics, such as chronic disease, heart health, nutrition, mental health, fall prevention, etc. These are offered through our mobile services at your location.

Delivered by a skilled speaker, we make it our mission to offer a lively, social, culturally respectful, and welcoming atmosphere that encourages learning. Learning can be a vulnerable experience, and we aim to make our educational sessions an inclusive and safe space for all.

Physical Literacy for Children Group Series

A fun, active childhood can lead to life-long positive impacts on a child’s overall health. Movement is not only a source of social play but also a way to encourage healthy views of both the body and mind. Physical activity often leads to greater confidence and a more positive self-image.

At Rebalance Rehab, we want to encourage youth to remain active throughout their lives by reaching out to them at a young age. Our physical literacy program teaches school-age children the fundamental motor patterns required for specific sports, physical fitness skills, and important, age-appropriate life skills such as sportsmanship, patience, healthy eating, and cooperation.

Our physical literacy program is overseen by a registered kinesiologist, who performs individual fitness and motor skill assessments before developing both an individual plan for each participant and a group plan for youth in the community between the ages of K–12.

All plans aim to complement the physical education already in place in schools and comply with targets set by the Ministry of Education. Our programs delve into subjects that allow our students to understand how the body works, including the importance of proper nutrition and the benefits of regular exercise.

We ensure that all programs are skill- and age-appropriate while providing an experiential learning opportunity that will engage school-aged children and optimize their success.

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