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| Is It Challenging for You to Make It Into a Physiotherapist’s Office or Clinic? |

Do you want to seek treatment for an illness, disability, injury, or post-surgery but are unable to travel or live in a remote area with limited transportation options?

If you’ve had a recent hip or knee replacement, have recently fallen, or need physical rehabilitation following a surgery or acute injury, it can be difficult to attend physiotherapy sessions, even when you need it the most.

At Rebalance Rehab, we want to ensure that all clients are able to access our services. That’s why we offer mobile physiotherapy, where we travel to you with all the necessary equipment for a private, professional session in your home, care facility, or convalescent residence.

If you need physical rehabilitation following a hospital stay, we provide services that can complement existing home health programs. We can work with your doctors, care teams, nurses, and families to ensure that your path to recovery is supported by our physiotherapists, kinesiologists, and caring support workers.

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We Understand That Everyday Functioning Is Your Top Priority

Our aim is to get you moving again by developing a comprehensive, customized treatment plan that is overseen by warm, caring professionals. And if you have a specific goal or need, we can address that too. Our plans are adaptable and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, whether that’s:

  • Post-hospital stay support

  • Functional assessments

  • Coordination of equipment

  • Set-up of post-discharge supports

  • Analysis of your home environment and adaptation recommendations

In-Home Restorative Kinesiology Sessions 

If you’re not looking for help with an acute injury, illness, or post-surgical recovery,

Kinesiologists are different from physiotherapists. They focus not only on one specific area of concern but also on body mechanics. They look at improving or maintaining overall function through the movement of the body. Think of them as experts in movement and exercise, regardless of your age or current functional abilities.

Anyone can benefit from their help. And for fall prevention, kinesiologists can help you condition the body against taking a nasty fall.

Kinesiologists can also help you to move safely inside and outside of the home, teaching you the proper body mechanics to improve or maintain your ability to walk or self-propel a wheelchair, which also includes how to optimize your seated posture and maintain joint mobility for personal care.

They can also help clients become more physically fit and active, including those with complex health concerns. And our compassionate team of practitioners can guide you toward better fitness, better movement and better living through activity.

Inquire Today, It’s Easy, Fast and Secure.

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