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At Rebalance Rehab, we are firm believers that Pilates is the next, innovative stage of physical rehabilitation. Its benefits are already touted by physicians and specialists in musculoskeletal disorders.

We are excited to offer Pilates programs at our new clinic in Chilliwack. We have several to choose from. Some are fitness-based, and some are more therapeutic in nature. Take a look at some of the classes we offer:


Dive into our world with our 60-minute introductory class that's both welcoming and professionally led. Our expert instructors will introduce you to the foundations of Pilates, ensuring a comfortable and effective experience. Secure your spot today and explore the transformative power of Pilates! Whether you're new to exercise, are learning how to exercise again post-injury or are an experienced exerciser, we're dedicated to guiding you on your journey to improved health and well-being.

It’s time to start feeling great!


Supported by our skilled instructors, our small group All-Levels Reformer Pilates Class offers a holistic fitness experience, perfect for beginners and seasoned participants alike. Participants engage in low-impact, full-body workouts using specialized equipment that enhances flexibility, strength, and core stability. Our instructors provide personalized guidance, adapting exercises to individual needs. This inclusive session fosters mind-body connection, improves posture, and promotes overall wellness, making it accessible and rewarding for everyone.


Our intermediate-level reformer Pilates class challenges participants with a dynamic fusion of exercises. Building upon foundational skills, this class incorporates more advanced movements to enhance core strength, flexibility, and balance. Participants use specialized equipment, under expert guidance, to refine their technique and deepen their mind-body connection. It's an invigorating session that pushes boundaries, fostering physical and mental growth for those seeking to elevate their Pilates practice to the next level.


Rebalance Rehab offers a modified approach to Pilates, emphasizing core strength, flexibility, and overall conditioning. Our Gentle Pilates classes, designed by our expert team of instructors and physical therapists, cater to individuals with physical limitations, injuries, or those seeking a slower-paced, low-impact workout. These sessions prioritize control, precision, and mindfulness, making them suitable for all fitness levels and ages, including older adults and injury recovery. Benefits include posture improvement, body awareness, flexibility, core strength, stress relief, enhanced joint mobility, and gentle muscle conditioning. Let our Pilates instructors help you feel your best!


Experience personalized Pilates training with a Rebalance Pilates instructor. This one-on-one session is tailored exclusively to your needs, whether you're starting your Pilates journey, looking to maintain or progress your Pilates practice, or recovering from sports injuries or rehabilitation. It's all about you and your goals.


Elevate your Pilates practice with our semi-private sessions. Bring a friend and receive personalized attention from a Rebalance Pilates instructor. Perfect for those seeking support while working on technique, core strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. Enjoy the benefits of shared motivation and individualized guidance in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Achieve your fitness goals together!

Our Current Pilates Schedule

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Our Pilates instructors and physiotherapists are also certified in a revolutionary new form of Pilates, called STOTT Pilates. This innovative new method involves five key principles that will increase your awareness of your core and lead to a more beneficial workout. They include:


Breathing: We focus on breath and deep breathing, which activates the deep support muscles of the body and promotes blood circulation and oxygenation of the blood.


Pelvic Placement: We focus on lumbar spine and pelvis stabilization, as well as achieving neutral alignment for more efficient movement.


Rib Cage Placement: We focus on properly engaging the abdominal muscles around the rib cage, especially the obliques, as well as how to use your rib cage as a gauge for movement and your awareness of how your rib cage is affected by the movement when recruiting certain muscle groups.

Scapular Movement and Stabilization: The scapula involves the shoulder and is extremely important in the function of the shoulder joint. When the scapula area is unstable, it leads to overworking the neck and shoulder muscles. We teach you how to stabilize your scapula during movement.

Head and Neck Placement: We focus on proper alignment of the head and neck when in a neutral position, such as lying down or during movement, to avoid compressing the neck area, which can lead to injury.

Our Pilates 

STOTT Pilates sometimes makes use of some specialized equipment, called STOTT Pilates Reformer equipment. Our state-of-the-art Pilates Clinic, located in Chilliwack, BC, comes equipped with all the necessary items to reap the full benefits of your STOTT Pilates sessions. It is the only clinic of its kind in the Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Kent districts.


Rebalance Rehab Pilates Clinic Location:
45719 Ontario Avenue
Chilliwack, BC, V2P 6S8

Come visit our cutting-edge Pilates clinic today!

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